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  • How do I make a booking?
    Fill out the form on this page, where you can tell me when you would like to shoot and how best to reach you! Please tell me more about yourselves and what kind of images you are looking for, and if you have any specific settings or locations you would like to shoot at. I will get back to you within 24 hours to let you know my avaiability and to answer any questions you might have. Don't see a reply from me? Be sure to check your spam inbox for an email from
  • How far in advance should I book?
    If you have a specific day you are looking to shoot or are visiting Tokyo for a short time, please inquire as early as possible. In peak seasons I reject about 50% of bookings due to being overbooked. I am usually able to squeeze in last-minute bookings, especially if you are flexible with your schedule.
  • How do you accept payment?
    I accept payment through PayPal, credit card, and bank transfer (for clients inside Japan). Deposits cannot be paid with cash, but you are welcome to pay the remaining balance in cash on the day of shooting. Please be aware I can only accept cash payments in Japanese Yen.
  • Will I need to pay a deposit?
    I require deposits for all of my photoshoots, yes! Once we've agreed on the details of your shoot and confirm the booking, I ask that my clients pay a deposit. The deposit is 40% of the cost of the session, unless it's a last-minute booking.
  • What if we need to cancel?
    The deposit is refundable for cancellations made no later than 21 days before our shoot. If I need to cancel the shoot for any reason, I will inform you as soon as possible and give the option of either rescheduling or a full refund.
  • What should we tell you before the shoot?
    Please tell me about yourselves! Can you tell me a little about who you are and what kind of photos you are looking to get during our session? I like to know your name and the names of anyone attending the shoot. For family sessions, I need to know the number of people attending and the ages of any children in advance. Please let me know if you require accommodations, such as wheelchair accessibility or similar disabilities. If you don't have a specific location in mind or are just visiting Japan, I can suggest some locations for you! Please tell me what you have in mind, such as city, street, nature, traditional, etc. Inspiration images are welcome and appreciated! Locations in Tokyo can be very crowded or outright prohibit photography, so please tell me what you are looking for. I will try my best to find the perfect location for your session!
  • Can we have a Zoom/Phone call before our shoot?
    For whole day reservations/photo sessions over 4 hours, yes! For shorter reservations, please include your questions in your initial inquiry to me. I am very busy with bookings and am often out on location. This FAQ section is designed to answer the most common questions I receive. If you have additional questions for me regarding your reservation, please send those to me by email! :)
  • What sessions/rates do you offer?
    THIRTY MINUITE SESSION - (30+ images) $250 (¥37,000 JPY) ONE HOUR SESSION - (80+ images) $350 (¥51,000 JPY) 1.5 HOUR SESSION - (110+ images) up to 2 locations $450 (¥66,000 JPY) TWO HOUR SESSION - (150+ images) up to 2 locations $550 (¥81,000 JPY) 2.5 HOUR SESSION (200+ images) up to 3 locations $700 (¥103,000 JPY) THREE HOUR SESSION (240+ images) up to 3 locations $850 (¥125,000 JPY) FOUR HOUR SESSION (320+ images) 3+ locations $1,110 (¥162,000 JPY) Need a longer session? Contact me! Want video for your session as well? Contact me to find out what I offer! Parties of more than 4 people incur a $50 (¥7,300 JPY) surcharge. Surprise proposals will incur a $80 (¥11,000 JPY) surcharge. I can customize a session based on your individual needs. Please contact me to find out more.
  • Do you offer a Kamaʻāina discount?
    Yes we do! We offer a 20% discount to all residents of Hawaii, current or former. Contact us for more details.
  • What if I arrive late for our shoot?
    Tokyo is a big city, and it happens quite often. Transportation in Tokyo can be very confusing, so please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before your session time. I often have multiple reservations on one day, so I cannot stay longer than the agreed upon time. If the client is late, the time will, by principle, be taken away from the shooting time. I try to be understanding, and will make accommodations wherever possible. Please try your best to be on time for your session. Mahalo for your Kōkua!
  • What if it rains on the day of my shoot?
    In the case of forecasted rain, usually I will judge based on what is happening on the day. Weather in Tokyo is erratic at best and often changes quite quickly. For light rain, I encourage clients to go ahead with their sessions! I love how Tokyo looks in the rain and LOVE shooting in it. Clear umbrellas work best, as it helps light make it through to your face. In the case of heavy rain, we will try to reschedule for another day. Please keep in mind that during peak seasons, this may not be possible. As a natural light photographer, I try to make the best of the conditions on that day. Unfortunately, I do not accept cancellations if weather conditions aren't exactly what you had in mind, excluding heavy rain/typhoon winds.
  • How long does a photo session take?
    Shooting time depends on which package you have chosen. We will use the entire time reserved to ensure you get your moneys worth (if the client is late, the session will finish at the agreed time). Moving and walking is included in the shooting time. I like to meet my clients a few minutes before for a quick chat and setup!
  • Where will the photos be taken?
    I shoot mostly in outdoor locations inside Tokyo. Ideally I like to use natural light, as I believe it creates most natural and beautiful photos. My photoshoot packages are for locations in central Tokyo (roughly within the Yamanote Line). I can travel further upon request! Depending on the location, there will be an extra fee for my time and transportation. Don't have a particular idea for location? I can suggest some places based on what you had in mind! Some locations are easier than others in Tokyo, as many are restricted for photography. Please tell me your expectations so we can discuss what location will be best for your shoot. If you are looking to shoot in a wedding dress/formal bridal wear, please let me know in advance. This severely limits the locations we can choose from. Let me know what you are planning to wear and we can decide from there! I prefer to avoid places that require permits, but sometimes getting a permit is necessary. The client will be responsible for any fees for the permit. If I am required to take an orientation course or fill out paperwork in person, there will be an extra charge for my time. Please contact me for further information.
  • Can you travel outside Tokyo/Japan for my shoot?
    Absolutely yes! My normal range is within the Yamanote line of Tokyo, but I can travel further with an additional charge to cover transport fees and my time. I often shoot in locations such as Kyoto, Osaka, Okinawa etc. Please get in touch as early as possible so I can plan around your session! For sessions in far locations, minimum session time is 2 hours. Looking to book a session outside of Japan? I am available for worldwide sessions upon request. Please get in touch for more information.
  • Will my images be used for your portfolio?
    My business is largely based on previous client work, and I occasionally will use images from sessions as a part of my portfolio and for social media. Your online gallery will NEVER be made public, as well as your name and location. If you do not want your images to be used, please let me know in advance. Mahalo in advance for your understanding!
  • What outfits should we wear? Do you provide outfits?
    It is usually a good practice to wear colors that match the feel of the photos you are going for, such as white/light brown for casual images. For my couple and family clients, I recommend choosing outfits that compliment each other and follow a basic color palette. I advise my clients to avoid bright colors like pink, bright blue, neon green and bright yellow, as they do not lend themselves well to your final images. In addition, heavily patterned fabrics and large logos/branding is not recommended. Japan is a conservative country, and there are many restrictions on wearing clothes that are revealing, showing tattoos and wearing bridal wear at certain locations. Please keep this in mind when planning your outfit. Not sure what to do? Please ask me! I am more than happy to help you plan your outfit. I do not provide outfits or wardrobe for my photoshoots. Many clients like to dress up in traditional Kimono for their sessions. If that is something you need arranged, please contact me.
  • Can you include makeup and wardrobe in your package?
    Makeup and wardrobe are NOT included in any packages. I can introduce you to some MUA and bridal services if that is something you need for your session. Please keep in mind that these services are not associated with Kilakila Parnell Photography and will limit the amount of locations we can choose from.
  • How many people are covered for one session?
    My standard packages are for up to four people. Groups of more than four people will include an extra fee. Sharing one session between two or more parties will result in an extra fee. Please contact me for more information.
  • When can I expect to see my images?
    My turnaround for downloadable images is 3-5 business days. Need your images faster? I offer a same-day rush service for an additional $35 (¥5,000 JPY).
  • What is the final product? How will we receive it?
    You will receive a private online gallery, where you can download full resolution HD images. These images are edited in my natural style featured on my website. Additional editing on your part is not needed. To preserve my natural style, I do not provide RAW images.
  • What kind of camera do you use?
    I currently shoot on a Cannon R5.
  • Do you provide video services?
    Yes I do! Professional video services can be added to your photo session at a heavy discount. If you are looking for an exclusively video session, I offer that as well. Please get in touch to find out more.
  • Are the images watermarked?
    No. My clients receive their images without my watermark, so you can use them for your personal use.
  • Can you help us arrange our wedding/event? We don't speak Japanese!
    Unfortunately, I do not have the bandwidth to provide planning services, but I am happy to give advice or point you in the right direction!
  • Can I use your photos from our session for my business?
    The photos from your session are for personal use, not commercial purposes. You are welcome to share them with your family and friends, but they are not to be used for commercial purposes. Please let me know if you are unsure. If you would like a session for commercial purposes, please contact me for an estimate. The images of Kilakila Parnell Photography are not to be sold for any purposes. Additionally, Kilakila Parnell Photography retains ownership rights of all images unless stated otherwise.
  • Do you offer studio shoots? Can you come to my home?
    I do offer studio shoots upon request. I am a mainly outdoor photographer, but I do shoot studio photos for headshots/clothing brands on occasion. Please get in touch to see if I can help with your session. I can come to your home for a photoshoot if you are looking to do a session there. I will need to see a few photos of your space to understand the light in that area.
  • What if our location has an admission fee?
    Please let me know ahead of time and I will include that cost in your invoice. Thank you!
  • Is transportation time included in the session time?
    As a rule of thumb, yes. Walking from different spots during your session is calculated and included. If you have two locations that are far away, please let me know. I offer a break in sessions that have large distances between two locations for an extra fee. This avoids paying for an hour of my time just for travel. Any transportation fees will be covered by the client. If you do not want to walk or are not able to due to an injury/disability, please tell me in advance and I will plan around this. There tends to be a lot of walking in Tokyo and our separate locations can be spaced different distances apart. I try my best to maximize the shooting time, but please be aware that transportation between locations is typically inevitable.
  • Will you be shooting our session personally? Do you use assistants?
    I personally shoot every one of my sessions! I look forward to meeting every single one of my clients and hearing their unique stories. I do not use assistants for any of my sessions. I believe that tends to get in the way of the intimate feel my photoshoots have. You can expect a personal and candid experience from your photoshoot! If you have a project that is impossible for me to shoot without an assistant, you will be informed of that prior to shooting. I have a wonderful assistant on staff who will come along to help. Please be aware that this will incur an extra fee.
  • I can't find my photos! Can you send them again?
    Due to the large volume of photoshoots, I cannot back up all of your photos. Please download your images promptly and back them up. I keep all Dropbox links active for 6 months after shooting. Please make sure your images are backed up in multiple locations before then!
  • Can you hold my bags/luggage during the shoot?
    Please only bring what you are willing to be photographed with. I am happy to hold on to any small bags or items (phones, wallets, keys etc.) during your shoot. It is best practice to not bring large bags or luggage to your session, but I understand that it can be inevitable. In these cases, I would recommend leaving your items in a coin locker. If you decide to bring your bags with you on your session, they can be put aside during shooting. For strollers, it is best to not bring one to your session, but I understand this is not always possible. Please be aware that travelling with a stroller in Tokyo, particularly on the metro, can be difficult and can take extra time. Have questions? Please reach out before your session!
  • Can you make me thinner/retouch my skin in the final images?
    No. I am a photographer, not a retoucher. I can remove basic spots and basic edits, but nothing further. By principle I do not offer any services that alter how you look. I want you to be confident in how you look and not alter your images :) If, despite this, you feel the need to have your images retouched, I can connect you with one of my professional retoucher colleagues.
  • Can I bring multiple outfits?
    Yes. Please keep in mind that changing time is included in your session time. Bathrooms in Japan are few and far between, so if you are needing multiple outfit changes let me know in advance. I will plan accordingly, as well as calculate the time necessary.
  • Can we choose the photos you edit?
    I am not able to allow my clients to select the images, as culling images is an extremely time consuming process. While shooting, I periodically show the photos as we shoot. If you see one you LOVE, let me know! I will make sure that image makes it into your collection. If you absolutely need to select the images on your own, please let me know in advance. This will incur an extra fee. Please contact me to find out more.
  • Do we have to credit you when we post them?
    Not at all! For all paid sessions, there is no need to provide credit, but it is always appreciated! My username on all social media is @kilaparnell.

Frequently Asked Questions - Kilakila Parnell Photography

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